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Family Ties and Its Impacts in Later Life in Thailand
Intergenerational Transfers and Family Structure Evidence from Thailand
Panel Survey and Study on Health, Aging... Retirement in Thailand
SandwichGen-Supawon icas2017
Panel Survey on Health Aging and Retirement in Thailand
Family Supports Between Older Parents and Adult Children in Thailand
Prevalence and Associated Factors of Successful Ageing among People 50 Years and Older in a National Community Sample in Thailand
Bidirectional Association Between Probable Depression and Multimorbidity Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults in Thailand
Bidirectional association between functional disability and multimorbidity among middle-aged and older adults in Thailand
Prevalence and determinants of incident and persistent depressive symptoms among middle-aged and older adults in Thailand: prospective cohort study
Marital status, marital transition and health behaviour and mental health outcomes among middle-aged and older adults in Thailand: A national longitudinal study